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About Toots

Home Town: Waikiki, Hawaii

Whats your favorite playlist/music you listen to while shaping? My mood mostly calls for classical and opera music. When I’m sanding boards, I listen to Cumbia music.

How long have you been surfing? 27 years

Goofy or regular? Regular

How long have you been shaping surfboards? About 11 years, but more regularly for the last 5 years.

Favorite Legacy Surfer/most influential surfer: Drew Harrison

What inspires you? Innovative designs. Creation and experimenting. I love when things come together the way I had envisioned.

What are your favorite places to surf in the world: Home break- Queens

Best sushi spot in Honolulu? Genki. It’s cheap and it’s good.

Dream Surf destination: Maldives

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Work

What are you best at, shaping or surfing? Neither. But when I’m surfing, I want to shape…and when I’m shaping, I want to surf.

Worst wipe out: I think it was at Haleiwa when I lost my board and got stuck in the toilet bowl.

Other Sponsorships: Birdwell and Toots Surfboards.

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Surfing: @nationalcitysurf
Profile: @julien.roubinet