Ride the Finless Uma Zuma SkateboardRide the Finless Uma Zuma Skateboard

ride the uma zuma

our tribute to the 70's cruisers and the trailblazers who rode them

the banana '66

finless x harbour surboards

Handcrafted. Handshaped. handmade.

Finless Boards


Finless Wheels


A passion for Surf Heritage

To honor our predecessors of surf shapers, we wanted to make sure that our skateboards were completely handmade, made of solid wood, and that the designs, the line work and aesthetics of our boards are unique to each deck we create.


Skateboards and clothing crafted from ethically sourced materials.

28" Handcrafted Cruiser

CCMD Cruiser

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38" Pintail Longboard

The Duke Longboard

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27" handmade mini cruiser

Uma zuma 70's cruiser

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