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At Finless Skateboard Co., sustainability isn't just a buzzword—it's a pivotal aspect of our journey. Below, we detail the steps we take to ensure every skateboard not only rides smoothly but also respects the environment. From responsible sourcing to partnerships that nurture the planet, discover how we embed sustainability into every facet of our operations.

our sustainability values

Commitment to Transparency and Quality
At Finless Skateboard Co., we adhere to a rigorous set of values to ensure that our commitment to sustainability is clear and impactful:

  • Transparency with Our Community: We believe in honest communication about our practices and progress.
  • Due Diligence: We rigorously verify the ecofriendliness of our materials and processes.
  • Balanced Excellence: We strive to maintain the perfect balance between affordability, quality, and ecological responsibility.

Actions We Take to Protect Our Planet

Our dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through every step of our production process:

  • Responsible Sourcing: We partner with suppliers to obtain wood from forests that are responsibly managed and sustainably harvested.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Our glues and clear coats are water-based, featuring the lowest possible volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and our grips are made from 100% recycled crushed
  • Waste Minimization: We maximize the reuse of our manufacturing waste and optimize our workshop to minimize energy consumption.
  • Sustainable Apparel: Our clothing line is crafted using recycled polyester and organic cotton, sourced from brands that share our environmental values.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: All our packaging is created using 100% recycled cardboard, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting waste reduction.

By integrating these practices, Finless Skateboard Co. not only champions a greener manufacturing process but also inspires a community of riders and consumers who are equally passionate about sustainable living.

Finless Skateboards being made

A passion for Surf Heritage

To honor our predecessors of surf shapers, we wanted to make sure that our skateboards were completely handmade, made of solid wood, and that the designs, the line work and aesthetics of our boards are unique to each deck we create.


If it weren't for our forests, trees, and other materials, we couldn't enjoy the craft or the ride of our cruisers. At Finless, our efforts are balanced with striving to ensure we're not only environmentally aware during our manufacturing process but also look to improve the world we live in, one skateboard at a time.

Our cruisers are handcrafted from start to finish, with an eye on the impact of our planet at the forefront of everything we do. We're continuously and tirelessly seeking better ways to source, process, ship, and craft our cruisers and clothing as sustainably as possible while maintaining the quality of our skateboards.

As we look to the future, we believe in transparency in this process with our community. As we grow, so too will our ability to give back to the world we live in. The way we see it, cruising is about taking in the world around us and enjoying our time with others, too. Part of that transparency is acknowledging that a board we sell today won't be as sustainable as the boards we sell tomorrow. With every update and iteration of our craft, we plan on sharing the improvements made with you, our fans, our family, and our community. Check back often as our sustainability efforts grow with your support.