To honor our predecessors of surf shapers, we wanted to make sure that our skateboards were completely handmade, made of solid wood, and that the designs, the line work and aesthetics of our boards are unique to each deck we create. No heat transfers, no stickers (except for our logo). The whole board is made of carefully assembled different species of wood, with cores made of Hard Maple and top and bottom sheets carefully assembled with various types of wood species to give our boards the look of a classic 1950’s surfboard. 


Every skateboard is handcrafted at a real workshop by real humans. We take our attention to detail seriously to provide a genuine and authentic representation of the cruiser you purchase.


When you purchase a Finless skateboard, you can rest assured that we have put genuine thought, skill, and love into it.  We value the art of the craft, respect it’s history, and pass this on to you through our skateboards. We also take our materials, products, and processes into consideration every step of the way, and look to be as eco-friendly as possible.


When you buy handcrafted, you are paying for a commitment to authenticity and a guarantee of excellence. We remain dedicated to producing a superior product with special attention paid to the little details that set our skateboards a level above - the molding process, the size of our plys, and the trucks, wheels, and bearings which contribute to your smooth ride.  We also emphasize the individuality of your Finless skateboard by hand-writing the serial number number and specs of your board on the back of each deck before we clear coat it.


Our goal is to maintain and sustain our cruising community and the skilled craftsmen we employ. We hire local talented machinists, designers, and staff to build our company every step of the way. From this website, to our custom hand operated machines, handcrafted means highlighting talented workers in all aspects of our business.