Our story


founder Dan McKay returned to Montreal from a tour in 2015, bringing back a cruiser from the Golden Coast for his son Harley. Stoked with his new ride, Harley immediately hit the streets for a skating session, where unfortunately his brand new deck was run over by a car. Seeing how bummed his son was, it was in this moment that Dan realized something - why couldn’t he make a skateboard on his own? Together, with his daughter Daisy Jo joining the team, the family set out to create an awesome, hand-crafted, quality skateboard that was nothing short of stellar. Eager to bring their creation to life, one skateboard turned into two, and then into six, as requests for custom boards came rolling in from friends and family. What started as a simple project was quickly growing into a family business where the trio would set up shop in their backyard and begin making these custom boards. Inspired by SoCal beach towns like Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, their decks are all about vintage feels with a modern twist.

With a global pandemic in full-swing and touring coming to a full halt, the McKay trio decided to go full-throttle on skateboard building in 2020. From a backyard project, to a wood shop, and building a small team, Finless Skateboard Co. was born with the goal to make boards with our own hands, to make them different, and with sustainable materials.