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Finless x paris truck co

In celebration of our partnership with Paris Truck Co.

Check out the interview we did with them and enter your email for a chance to win: The Duke Longboard, and a Paris Truck Co. Skate Tool, Beanie, Shirt, and Sweatshirt! Valued at over $325!


Q - Paris Truck Co. has been a global leader in the Reverse Kingpin skate scene for many years. What inspired the birth of Paris Trucks 15 years ago?

A - It's true! We've been carving it up and trucking along for quite some time. Paris Truck Co. was born out of necessity. Back in 2006 there weren't a lot of options for longboard trucks or tall street trucks. With the demand for a hard carving, good looking, longboard truck, Paris Trucks came to be!

Q - Paris Trucks have always been known for innovation and for creating the smoothest riding trucks in the market. Why are the V3s currently the best trucks available?

A - The Paris V3 Trucks really stepped up the game. It all began with our new proprietary alloy forming process which allows us to produce a truck with an incredibly dense and compact molecular grain structure making them incredibly strong. From there we used the iconic Paris V2 framework to refine the design even further. Making it stronger, lighter, smoother, and overall, look even cleaner.

Q - Many skaters prefer street trucks on their cruisers instead of the Reverse Kingpin. Why do Paris Trucks stand out from all of the other brands?

A - The Paris Street Trucks were specifically designed for mini-cruisers and bigger double-kick boards. The axle and ride height are taller than standard street trucks. Combined with taller, beefier wheels, the Paris Street Trucks provide the height and clearance without the need for additional riser pads. 

Q - Paris Trucks supports all styles of longboarding. Everything from downhill to dancing and everything in between. It's a brand that has always been there for the skateboarding community. Even when the community was just starting to grow. What drives Paris Trucks to help push the scene and community forward?

A- At the end of the day it's all skateboarding. Longboarding, downhill, freeride, freestyle, carving and cruising. It doesn't matter what you ride or how you do it as long as you're having a good time. What's really cool is that the founder, Joey Pulsifer, is an ex-pro street skater. Which has really helped shape our values as a brand. It's really important to us to have team riders and support events, not just for brand exposure, but to help riders, events, and communities grow. 

Q - What does Paris have planned for the future?

A - We've got a few things in the works. But as we all know, you can't rush perfection and some projects take longer than expected. But we're excited for the future of Paris Trucks as well as the longboarding community as a whole, and thankful to still be a part of it. 

Picture of Finless Skateboards' Duke Longboard in action
Picture of the back of Finless Skateboard highlighting Paris Trucks

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