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Where do you live? Today or tomorrow? Haha- I am a flight attendant so I am constantly on the run. My home base is Long Island, New York.

How long have you been skating? Since I was 8 years old.

Goofy or regular? Regular, pretty boring I know.

Favorite actor/actress? Without a doubt- Fran Drescher.

What are you better at, snowboarding, skating or surfing? Oh surfing for sure. Snowboarding slapped me in the face a few years ago but I haven’t stopped trying. Anything that challenges me I’m in. Skating is just good fun, always haha.

What gets your out of bed in the morning? I love to wake up and work out. The warmer it is, the earlier I wake up. If there’s waves- I’m at the beach. No waves I’ll start my day at the gym.

Favorite cereal? No brainer- captain crunch…oh but sometimes I’m on a Reeses Puffs kick. If I’m sunburnt- fruity pebbles and always a 2 bowl minimum.

Favorite place to travel? I took a roady across SA for a little surf trip. I drove from Cape to Port Elizabeth chasing a swell and scored clean overhead JBay and I still haven’t been able to shake those replays.

Dream destination: Mentawais. Oh but I haven’t been to Australia yet either so lets say both.

Other Sponsorships? Bodyglove, Solite Booties, Bunger Sayville

Nicole Chambers Surfing, Finless Skateboards Team Member
Nicole Chambers Surfing, Finless Skateboards Team Member

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